Friday, 21 October 2016


Hello everyone within this address,

It has been a very interesting week for me and my companion. We held a lot of mini companionship inventory to sort things out between ourselves. The Atonement really is the center of our relationship by far. We have a decent week compared to the previous. We've been struggling with finding new because we didn't talk to everyone as much as we should and that numb things a little bit with the work. Went back to what Elder Ballard's said in his past remark, in order to teach more, you need to talk more. Then, you'll see the blessing of baptism. I'm totally agreed with his counsel. My past companion, the Idaho MasterTouch, Elder Saunders, we did not let anyone past us by. We talk and teach and seen a significant success in our effort in so doing.Kingston is filled with the youth who attend university here and there over the area. We encountered with a lot of those generations every now and then when we're outside. If there be a place in Kingston for a YSA work, I would say this would be the place for it due to that fact.

Beverly, one of our investigator who had pass her interview not too long ago still struggled with her phobia with water. We have come up with every possible way that man can come up with to help her with it, such as have her to put on a shower cap and to the point where we suggest her to use the straw to grasp for air when she's getting under the water. But to no avail regardless. We came to a point where we have no idea how to dealt with it. Its a dead end. Our last chance will be our beloved Mission President, President Shields who will be coming down this week and talk with her about the whole things. We have prayed daily for the divine intervention to assist us with Beverly. 

Having invited for the Thanksgiving with some of the members in the Kingston has really made me felt home again, not because of the celebration because it wasn't really meant that much for us from where we came from but because of the family unity between one and another. It is one of those feeling that hard to describe with words, you know. I had truly come to realized about why FAMILY is very important to me. I wouldn't never know of this profound knowledge if I have stay home. That sacrifice that I have made really help me to see and learn that there is best yet to be in life, in future. As Jesus said: "  For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." (Matthew 16:25).  I found life in other people as I served and know them. 

Have a  great week, families and friends :)

With love from Kingston,
Canada Toronto Mission,
Jan 2015-Feb 2017  

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