Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Hi everyone,

It's another fabulous week here at London! Miracles non-stop as we testify mightily in the name of Christ of His restored gospel. Door were open, heart were soften time and time again. It was full of thrilled to be able to witness the changes that took place for the better in the life of those that we teach and come in contact with. It brought great joy in my heart as I learn that there is much more to just preach the gospel, it is to served those that you teach as well. Those people that we come to contact with not only changing their beliefs with this restored gospel but also changing their social life..once and for all. Some of them will faced family opposition, some losing friends who they previously acquainted with and among many other things. It hard for me swallowed in when that happen. Speaking of serving, I think Elder Hales said it perfectly, "being there mean understanding the heart of those that we teach and connecting with them. Connecting with them is mean not just conversed with them but to doing thing with them too. To truly understand their heart, we must do more than just sitting in the same room..we must take advantage of the teaching moment that make a deep and lasting impression upon their mind and heart". From my personal experience, involving the members and ward leaders play a vital role in helping those people to continually stay strong in the gospel despite the adversity that coming their way.

We've been meeting with our investigator, Fadi quite often this week. I think I wrote it down on my letter last week of his background. Such a humble man. We meet with him last night and he give us one each blanket. I got Real Madrid blanket, Elder Barlow got the Barcelona. For those who unfamiliar with the term above, it a soccer team in Spain. Apparently, Fadi loved soccer as well. Haha. He is such a great man, I can't said enough of him. That is how much I loved the man. We will be meeting him again this Tuesday.  

We have MLC on Friday. Have to travel to Brampton on Thursday evening. It was a party in the mansion as always. Elder Erickson have all of us to try the smelly candy that he bought somewhere at Toronto. It really gross, I don't know why they made it at first place, nonetheless we have fun with it. I got a smelly skunk taste candy and then rotten egg candy. Both not good. Haha. We went home the next morning and prepared for the Zone Council the next morning. It was a super busy last couple of days for us,but we made it through still! As for these upcoming transfer, I will be staying put at LONDON 1ST WARD with a new zone leader companion, Elder McKinnon from Idaho!!! Very humble man, can't wait to served with him this coming transfer! We going to get it done, pound the pavement hard!!! As for my previous companion, Elder Barlow, he's going to Burlington and he got dropped from zone leaders to normal missionaries. He going to my old zone, the Hamilton! I'm so stoked for him. He's going to loved it there!

Well, I got a tons of stuff to say but not enough time to put it all in. That is all for this week. Have fun reading the letter and have a wonderful week with the family everyone!!

Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017 :)

Almost forgot, while we're at Brampton, my companion and I have the privileged to attend the endowment session at the Toronto Ontario Temple early in the morning(7:40am). It was a very spiritual experience for me. On our way in the temple, we were approached by the Temple President wife of whom I know quite well as she was the mother of the golden family at the Sault, the Heimonen's. She gave us 2 names for us to do endowment session. I'm so excited for that task. The temple is so sweet!! This is my 2nd time, no 3rd time attending the session at the temple so far in my mission. Twice while I'm at Hamilton and 1 while at London, which is last week.

Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017

 Surprise visit from the Oswald's!!! They make the Sabbath even more meaningful o me yesterday!!​
                                                         Pizza chocolate cookies!!!!!!!!!!
                                              ​Elder Erickson & Saunders wild car race!!!!!!!!

                                                  Glorious moment with Elder Barlow!!!

                                                      Malaysian Tiger get it done!!!!!!

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