Wednesday, 13 April 2016


It all started with Thomas S.Monson, the prophet, then Russell M.Ballard, in the quorum of the 12, next Tad R.Callister, in Young Men General Presidency and now our dearest mission president, Weatherford T.Clayton is on the hot seat as well as the new 70. Everyone in the mission freak out!! Even the AP's were caught suprised by the shocking news! We are all anxious about what the future will bring for the mission now. Nonetheless, we will work dilligently to build the kingdom no matter what the circumstance may be. Apparantely, he received the call from President Erying early in the January this year and won't telling us until now. Pretty soon, the mission will have a new fresh Mission President this upcoming July. That was pretty much the highlight of my mission by far for this week.

Week was well for us here in London. I'm still so much trying to figure out the area as it was not only London that we covered but also some other small town nearby. We have a baptism in the zone yesterday between General Conference session. Her name was Caitlyn Vader, from the London YSA. Weather wise, it's not too bad but I was quite suprised to see the snow were started to fall again despite the beginning of the spring. Come on! You got to be joking me!

The talk that most stood out to me in the General Conference this time would be the one from Elder Hales. The Holy Spirit is the key to guide us through this perilious time of uncertainty. Only with the divine assistance and that is  through the Holy Ghost, we may able to sojourn on despite how hard and heavy the tribulation may be. Adversity is necessary to help us progress and as we continually listen to prompting of the Holy Ghost and act upon it, there we will find safety and solace in life continually. No one is exempt for it is a part of the plan.

Well, that is that for this week! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the time with their loved ones wherever they may be. Yes!! I will keep working hard and studying much. Stay warm and stay out of troubles!

With Love and Mercy, 
Elder Presly Ngerantar
Jan 2015-2017

                    Our stud mission president is with the big boys at 70's now :) You better believe it!!
                         Hey hey hey, president. We gotcha you there.. Haha!! It's legit now!!

                                                     I am not happy!! Can you tell??

My pop.. He's dying next transfer. By the way, the picture were taken outside the X-Men mansion, that why he did that pose. Haha

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