Wednesday, 30 March 2016

MAC 30 - EASTER WEEK in London, Ontario!!

Hellooooo brothers and sisters all across the world, from Canada all the way back to Malaysia!!!

How's thing been this past week? I hope all of you enjoyed the short Easter break that we have this past few days. Though some of you don't celebrated it much in some places but nonetheless, I hope everything is well with you and those that you cared.

It was overall a really good week for us. One of our progressing investigator, B is now preparing to be baptize this upcoming week. She'll be dunk in between the General Conferences session later in the evening with one of the investigator that YSA Sisters teach. Yeah!! You better believe it!! It's going to be gloriousss!!!

MONDAY - Have a great time with the Dixon's family who invited us over for a dinner. Later, we teach a lesson in their FHE. It was my first experienced to witness and be part of the FHE in a family setting. It was great start of the week.

 TUESDAY - On exchange with the Mandarin Elders, Elder Carroll, who is from Arizona. The land of milk and honey so they say. He never have much experienced with tracting as Mandarin's work doesn't do much of those things. They work best with members and contacting. It was a quite interesting day as we witness miracle happening in every step of the way. On one of the door that we knock, S, a university student from Mongolia who was looking for a church to attend were shocked and elated when he's seeing us on his doorstep. He was so overjoyed that I swear he almost going to hug us right there on the know, like one of those love drama movie, but we stand firm on our ground, no hug man!! Not cool! Later that evening, we went over to Brother Shiell helping him out with the wood chopping at his back porch and were entreated to a dinner afterward. Both of them are converts to the church. As we share the Easter initiative, Hallelujah video, we shared with one another about our conversion story. 

WEDNESDAY - We brought the Primary power into our teaching this week. Sister Jenkinson and her husband agreed to come with us to teach the sweet Smith's family that Elder Barlow and Smith find the other week while we're on exchanges with the Tillsonburg Elders. We taught them the Restoration and invite them for the ward upcoming activity, the Easter Pancake Breakfast. Lily is really sweet girl. She has a lot of question for a girl in her age. She's 8 by the way. Always eager to learn and loves the Savior though she doesn't know enough. She's so pure in heart. I can feel it.

THURSDAY - On the way to Brampton for our exchanges with the AP's, we were hit with a freezing rain that in turn froze the tree on our way there. It was quite a drive. We reunited with the brethren that I used to serve with in the past back at Hamilton, Elder Erickson who now served in Brampton as the zone leaders and Elder Forsyth, the AP's. He been there for so long, almost a year now.

FRIDAY - We have a funny ESL meeting with the Ossington, North York and Weston zone on the morning. The demonstration was so funny and full of excitement. Elder Steed, Elder Barlow and I were teaching each others on how we can speak better English. Haha!! Have an awesome exchange with Elder Forsyth. We teaching a lot of people that day. One of the mandarin members, Shu coming teaching with us. Man, he's awesome. He's also a fresh convert. Just joined the church for almost 2 years while he was working in Cyprus.

SATURDAY - We filled our day with calling everyone in the zone for the MCC's. It took almost forever to get it done. My companion and I were on the phone for 5-hours straight calling all the 13 companionships that we have in the zone, retrieving the information. Nonetheless, we still get the work done.

SUNDAY - Fast and Testimony Meeting this week! We taught a lesson on Gospel Principles under the section of Sacrifice. It was great lesson, everyone anxiously engaged throughout the meeting. One of our returning member from Syria, Y were very interested about how the Savior has atone for our sins and because of that sacrifice, we were make possible to return back with God. Conclude the day with Easter's dinner with the Mitchell's. 

I have never write this much on my letter before, that is something. I hope you all enjoy your upcoming week. Stay true to your covenant and always choose the right no matter what. The Lord will succor your in your affliction. Another thing that I want to add before I went on my way. Family life is the best method for achieving happiness in this world, and it is a clear pattern of what is to be in the next world. Have a wonderful week and Happy Easter, everyone!!

Your faithful brother,
Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017  

My Heart-to-Heart with God about the Sabbath (BLOG)

 Enough said.. This is what happen when you are out from the world influence for 2 years! You lose yourself!!!
                           ​Dinner with the Mitchell's. The kids were trying to open the sparkling juice :)

                              Real taste?? Talk about went on to the next level. You better believe it!!
                          The tree was crystalized by the frozen rain. On the way back to London :)
                                          Nauvoo Temple??? Just kidding. Close but not Nauvoo.

NEW Mormon Message! It's awesome!!

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