Saturday, 26 March 2016

Mac 15 - Follow Him and Find New LIFE :)

Happy Easter everyone!!

So much going on this week that I don't have enough time to expound it at the moment. Sorry, I will do better next time. That's what the Atonement for. The mission just keep getting better and better as day pass by. Eversince I moved to London, I find the time went fly superbly fast without I'm realizing it. We do a lot of travel over the town, from one place to the other for meeting. That's probably the reason. Already!! This week it going to be short and sweet. On this sweet Easter season, I would like to invite everyone to check out the new video initiative that have been released by the church. It short but powerful at the same time. You will benefit a LOT from it. So, please make time to watch it. The video is under 3 minutes, sure you all got time to watch it. If you don't, you are much busier than God intend you to be. Have a great rest of the week to everyone :)  


Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017

                                                                        Poutine's day!!

                                                                    My London zone
                                   ​Mona Lisa grab pizza and play bowling and snooker? Peculiar!!
                   ​Scene from my new apartment in London. Elder Barlow and I lived on 11th floor :)
 ​My new zone, London covered Strathroy, St.Thomas, Sarnia, Chatham, Windsor and Leamington :) Pretty big, aye
                                                                     Welcome London
 ​Glorious moment of the weeek..Touching the famous Lake Erie while on exchange with Elder Certonio :)
​Lake Erie moment on my first exchange at Chatham-ondi-ahman with the Itallian Stallion, Elder Certonio. He been out on his mission for almost 6 months. A great missionary :)

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