Tuesday, 1 March 2016


London is a great place!! It's the biggest area in the mission. It was a hectic week by far as we running around the town doing some errand for the MCC. It a whole new environment to be in. This week I learn a lot about change! God given us the gift to repent to help us change in this life. Adversity is necessary as it help us to progress more in His plan.

It was a risk thing to do by my new companion, Elder Barlow to drive without a license. We've been driving all over the town for the whole week illegally! Haha!! I thought we only have London in our stewardship but no, we have Strathroy which is 30 minutes away outside London.

The new assignment require a lot of paper work and less dinner and lunch time as we always on the go everytime, but that's okay. I'm all up for it!! I realize that everyone month passing by, I'm getting busier and busier and that's good. That's way I won't have time to slack out!

The work is good at London as we have find 2 new investigator despite the hectic week we have so far, pretty productive, aye. Yeah, we get it done! Pound the pavement here!! Woo!!!

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