Monday, 6 June 2016


It was a great feeling to see the family again the other day at Skype though time misunderstanding alway. Nonetheless, all is well! Many were said but few were important such as "I missed you" and "take care yourself". Seeing those faces really make a lot of difference, rather than emailing and talk on the phone. My dad is doing really well with his lesson and if things goes smoothly, he should be entering the covenant this May 21st!! 

We lived nearby London downtown, so we got the chance to see a lot of people walking around as we drove by the street. There's so much love around the people that we meet yesterday. You can sense it from their smile and lively encounter, probably because it the Mother's Day:)
The church was awesome!! All the priesthood in the congregation were called on front to sing "Love At Home'' to the mothers and wives after the sacrament. It was glorious and spectacular! Beverly, the investigator that we just picked up last week, who are missing out on action since last month due to personal issue were at church yesterday. By the end of the service, as we approached her, she told us that she want to be BAPTIZED as soon as possible!! We were shocked. She's so golden!! We set her with a date on May 21st:) It almost a great week until we got stuck in elevator yesterday. We stuck there for almost 40 minutes. Playing Book of Mormon baseball with my companion, Elder McKinnon while we're there. Good stuff!! Hahaha!! Traffic was super bad here in London as we have to leave half an hour early if we have an appointment, otherwise, we'll be late.
MLC's on Wednesday was so amazing! I learn a lot about the work and how to help the missionaries in our zone. We have a lot of new zone leaders on the table!! One of them, Elder Sabin just got called 3 days ago due to new assistants was call. By the end of that meeting, I learn that in order to understanding my purpose better, I need to learn more about the Atonement.

Another thing, my camera was broken a week ago, so it wouldn't be sending any photo for a while. I'm really sad about it, not to mention I got 8 months left to go (Sigh!)
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