Monday, 6 June 2016

MAY 22 - LONDON this week!! Round 3

It's an unusual Preparation Day as we normally did this on Monday but due to Victoria's Day holiday on Monday, things got shifted around. One of the many thing that I learned this week is about coping with the adversity. With the foundation that we have in the gospel, we were able to comprehend much purpose of life more deeply as to others whose not sharing the same beliefs as we do. I learn from perspective that the adversity is a vehicle for us to growth in this life and the death is a doorways to that new phase of life which all of us going to take eventually.

It was a big change in the zone as almost of all the missionaries that we have in the zone is transferring. It going to be a big crowd of missionaries in the Stake Center this Tuesday. I would never see it coming as my past companion, Elder Erickson@Captain Utah will be coming down to London and we going to served together as zone leaders in the mighty London zone! We have so much fun together especially when it come to sport.

This week was a busy week for us as we have 6 total lessons on Wednesday. Also, funny thing happen with our returning member, Ruben. He went down to the temple the other day with the youth but couldn't joined them for the proxy baptism as he forgot to bring his temple recommend. Poor guy. And as for our investigator, Beverly is improving well with her addiction. Sister Barker, her friend bought her caf-life to help out with the coffee addiction. My testimony with working with the members strengthened greatly with that experience. 
Overall, I have to cut this one short as we have a lot of stuff to do today. Wish everyone a great week with the family. And remember, keep smiling. The day is so much beautiful if you did that :)
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