Tuesday, 12 July 2016


It was another great week!! Weather is nice, can't complaint. The fun things that we do this week were helping the McCreary's with moving. There's a lot people helping out with it, so that's great. The biggest challenges that I face this week was yesterday when we were invited for a dinner from a long time church member. During the conversation that we have with the husband, I sense something is not right. I decided to ask him and I glad I did because by the end of it, we found out that he's in the verge of becoming anti. Not good. 

I never fully understanding the meaning of chunky until today and I don't like it, not at all. I want to do this(missionary work)for all my entire life. But that's not my decision to call. I will continually to embrace these last few months that I got to the fullest. 
MONDAY - Celebrated the July 4th with the Dixon's who is from the States. They originally from Utah. They moved to London a year ago due to his work. We sang a lot of American's song, including the national anthem itself. Feel like American and freedom.
TUESDAY - Meet with our recent converts, Beverley who is super awesome!! We planning to help her going to the temple to do the proxy baptism. She's looking solid for it too :)
WEDNESDAY - Member work is awesome!! As a result, we were lead to a less-active, Rachelle who her parents referred her to us to reach out. She's wanting to come back and embrace the gospel one more time. We will start working on her.   
THURSDAY - A long day....Have a MLC's meeting with our new mission president, President Shields. Super awesome and funny man. I loved him already.
FRIDAY - Skills and Interview!! Fun time. Though I been doing it for so many times, I still learning and sometime a bit nervous. It's a normal thing I guess.
SATURDAY - This is the day we went to Strathroy. Finally, after been trying for so many time, we were able to get in contact with our investigator, Patrick. Such a sweet guy!!
SUNDAY - My favourite day of the week!! I learn so many things today. One of them were a tolerance with each other especially for husband and wife. Tolerance requires a non-contentious attitude. I learn that working to solve the problem out is a better way rather than yelling, shouting and even crying sometime. 

To close thing off, I just want to share about the pure love of Christ. Love is one of our most basic needs. Without it one cannot develop normally. A person who does not feel loved usually reacts in unacceptable ways. Always seeking attention, or becoming hostile, aggressive, or even shy. No matter how he or she says it, that person is asking you to recognize him and to accept him. In effect, he is asking you to love him. I'm grateful for the Savior atoning sacrifice. He taught me a tones of things regarding love. Until next time :)
Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017
                                                                 Happy Canada Day, eh!
                                                            With my old broken camera :(
                              ​We have the Silverado for the week due to moving apartment this week :)
                                                                   Hello everyone :)
                                    At the MLC's with the leaders of the Canada Toronto Mission :)
                                                    ​Helping moving with the McCreary's :)
                                                                  ​Pick you sword :)
 ​                                                                          LONDON, Ontario :)
                                                                    Waffle with 4 flavor!!
 ​                                                                 He's the man of the garage :)
​                                                                          Mission storage :)


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