Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Where should I start from here. There's a too many things going on this past 48-hours period as many of my comrades received their call for the transfer and some of them finish their mission. Much of those were my close friend in the mission and to learn from their example by far has been a privileged. It has been a wonderful transfer for me this past 6 weeks here in London and I look forward for further excitement on what the Lord has in store for me and my great companion, Elder Erickson. And yes, we dodge the bullet!! Elder Erickson and I are staying for one more round and surely he will finish his mission here in London zone as this will be his last. I'm approaching my 4th transfer here and its seem like the Lord is keen on putting me in one place for a long period of time. That's good because it gives me opportunity to get to know the members and the area pretty well. Hosanna to the highest!!

I'm extremely stoked for the opportunity to see our new Mission President, President Shields this upcoming Thursday at MLC. We heard his voice for the first time yesterday when he gives the London 2nd Elders a call for their transfer new. He's sound legit!! Can't wait to meet him face to face and feel his spirit.

Last Saturday, on our way down from Strathroy, we decided to stop by one of the member at Mount Brygdes. He has a wild animal and rehabilitation center called Salthaven which is super cool and well known around London!! He and his wife is such a great example of animal lover and as a Latter-day Saints. They showed us around what they're doing and needless to say, I'm enjoying my time there petting the animals and pick up hay(which turn out not a good decision as I get itchy afterward, but hey its not like everyday I get the chance to do that! haha :)

Yesterday, during the Elders Quorum class, we talked about the role of Fathers from Elder Christofferson's remark in General Conference. It was a super sweet discussion. My remarks on it has influenced the Elders Quorum President himself and he told me that it was a very inspirational. As we talk how to discipline our children, many were say that set up a rules will help straight things out and sometime they easily get tick when the kids doesn't listen but there's more to it. I think that Listening is very very vital in that teaching moments as the kids has many curiosity as part of their growing and learning process. They learn from their action and experience for themselves as they made those mistakes. As a father, we play a big role in supporting them. Lend your ear and most importantly let them talk and by doing so, you will be able to see where they at and that point, and that will lead you to understand them very well.

Families and friends, I learn so very much from the experience that I have by far here in my mission. I'm grateful for the plan of salvation as it provide me with great sense of direction in my life. Life itself is very interesting but once you know who you are and what you purpose in life, you will gain greater perspective on what God has in stored for you.

Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017   


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