Friday, 23 September 2016


And it came to pass, in the 13th reign of Elder Ngerantar in London 1st West, he was called to served in Sudburu Uptown with his new companion, Elder Saunders who anxiously awaited his arrival to give him a big huge and show his love and baptize the nations grace by grace :)

It was very hard for me to swallowed when I heard that I'm out of the 2-hours radius from Brampton. The reason because, in order to attend the live conference session with Elder Ballard, I will need to be in 2-hours radius. Huh.. But hey, I will go wherever the Lord wants me to go. Just like President Whirtlin said, come what may and love it! Oh wait, that mean I will see the HEIMONEN'S again!!! Yeah, I miss that family. There are the first family that I know in my mission. Look forward to come back home!!!

Well, I need to be off my ways now as the time is running out. 



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