Friday, 23 September 2016


I'm apologize for the brief letter, time is something that I've been trying to working on. Nonetheless, I would to let everyone know that I have a great week here in Sudbury! We witnessing many miracles this week, especially with our investigator who working toward their baptismal dates! Aleisha and Derek has come a long way in their realtionship and the gospel will be a wonderful addition in their young family life.

To close thing of, I'm just like to share my solemn testimony of how extremely grateful I am for the experience and moments that I have forged with each and everyone of you. Sault, Hamilton and London is a great place to be in!! Some among of you has been a real blessing to me. And for that, I'm eternally grateful for it. 

If there one thing that I want to leave off with you this week, that would be the importance of family. To not let the busyness of life overtake those that important around you. Always, those that important around you is your FAMILY. Remember, they are the true happiness in this short sojourn journey we are in. Nothing compare to it!! Learn to make time with them eventhough it short. Family Home Evening is always a good way for gathering and learning from one another, plus it taught us about the gospel too. Cherish your family like there is no tomorrow. Love them with all that you got. Husband, bought a flower for your wife and then write loving note for her. She need to know how much you love her. Wife, your faithfulness and sense of understand always a been a blessing to your family. 

Until next time. Have a good week, everyone!:)

QUOTES OF THE WEEK: In the eyes of God, whether in the church or in family, women and men are equal with different responsibilities - Elder Dallin H.Oaks

Your truly as ever,
Elder Presly Ngerantar,
Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017


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