Friday, 23 September 2016


Hello everyone!!

I'm adjusting really well with the new area and my new companion. I just love the guy so much. Elder Saunders is a nice man with great temperance in everything that he does. That's help me a lot so far with getting to know the area by far. He's from Rexburg, Idaho and almost done his mission soon as well:)

Good news these past week!! I was able to attend the live conference session with Elder Ballard at Brampton on Saturday. He's was my first apostle that I met face to face, so I'm really happy for that. I almost shed a tears too. Tender mercies of the Lord were all over us this past week and I can't tell enough how grateful I am for it. I learn and receiving a lot of revelation during the meeting. What a revelatory experience it was!

These week was a blast for me here in Sudbury!! We meet this less-active member the other day of whom at first wasn't really interested to hear what we have to say but then her countenance was change through midway of the lesson. It was my first time meeting with her and I have no clue what she need, even Elder Saunders himself wasn't sure how we going to go about it as it was his first time as well. We pretty much in the same boat at that time. I shared with her the story about the cocoon and butterfly and she started to shed her tears. She started to ask me a question over and over again: Ask me where I come from? You just come in to the area yesterday, correct? How did you know about the butterfly? You are meant to be here!! It was amazing!! I just couldn't describe it with word of the whole situation.
Have a great week!!

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