Friday, 23 September 2016


Hello everyone!!

What a fabulous week we have so far here in Sudbury!! 7 of our progressing investigator were at church yesterday!! The month of August goes by really fast and the September is on the horizon already. Where time fly?? In relation to that, I learn that it's not about just putting in the hour that count, but what you put in on that hour, that's what matter!! It was a very spiritual month for me as I got the chance to meet with many inspiring leaders and wonderful members that has taught me a lot about the meaning of life. If there is one thing that I hope to share with all of you this week is that I hope we can all understand our duty and be steadfast and firm in mind that the Lord will console us in our affliction. Family is very important. There's none that can replaced this true treasure of life. Marriage is ordained of God. It is a very beautiful and very sacred. Taking and making time is very important. Let not busyness of life overtake and rob over the happiness of our loves one. My heart were open up so many time eversince I step foot and shared the gospel of life with the people of this wonderful country that I felt like the Savior is trying to reaching out upon His children and me. It is a very incredible experience that couldn't be explained with word!

May the grace of our Lord be with all of you, of whom I love dearly. Have a great weekend! :)

Canada Toronto Mission
Jan 2015-2017

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